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NYC Residents: Shop Farm to People, Proceeds Support MCS

Farm to People is an online farmer’s market delivering in NYC. Their mission is to make it easier to eat well at home by curating farm shares and a marketplace with the best seasonal, local produce, sustainable meat and fish, and delicious grocery staples. MCS has partnered with Farm to People to fundraise for our school!

Every time you grocery shop on Farm to People from October 16th to December 31, 5% of the price will be donated to MCS!


How do I join?
To join the fundraiser, simply create an account on Farm to People, add whatever you need to your basket, and enter code: MCSFarmFestival
  • Will I get a discount when I use the code? New Farm to People customers will get a $5 discount when they use our school’s code — and for every 10 new customers that join using our code, Farm To People will add a $250 bonus to our school’s fundraising check. 
  • Already a Farm to People customer? Returning customers can still join the fundraiser by emailing questions@farmtopeople.com with the subject line “I’d like to join Manhattan Country School's fundraiser.”

  • Do I need to enter the code every time I shop? Nope! Once you've used the code on your first order during the fundraising time period, you're all set. Farm to People will automatically give back 5% on all subsequent orders until the end of the period.

  • Do I have to subscribe? No! You don’t have to subscribe to get deliveries from Farm To People. You can always shop any of the items à la carte, no subscription required.

  • Who can join the fundraiser? Anybody who wants to support the fundraiser can join — parents, teachers, friends, and neighbors. Just spread the word and don't forget to share our school’s code!
Why Farm to People?
  • Farm to People is a mission driven company working year-round with small farms and makers to craft the ultimate selection of unique, delicious, and nutrient-dense food.

  • They pay their farmers and makers fairly: For every dollar sold on Farm to People, 50 cents go back to the farmer, while the national average remains below 15 cents.

  • Farm to People also gives back to its local community: They donate approximately 1000 pounds of food monthly to multiple food rescue organizations.

  • Their carbon neutral deliveries are delivered in recycled and recyclable packaging.

  • Thrillist said it best: "The name summarizes the mission: Farm to People guarantees fresh and ethically sourced foods in a manner that more corporate delivery services simply can’t compete with”
Begin shopping October 16 - Farm Festival Day!  USE & SHARE CODE: MCSFarmFestival

Happy eating!

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