Karima Grant Abbott ‘86

Written by Karima Grant Abbott ‘86 via Facebook:

What is a museum nowadays? The question was addressed by museum professionals coming from all over the world at the ICOM general assembly in Kyoto last September. As the institution's role evolves, it was felt it was time to revisit the 50 years old definition of "museum".

The judges were unanimous in their decision to make
Kër ImagiNation the winner of the 2019 "Children in Museums" award. As the first place of its kind dedicated to creative learning in Senegal, Kër ImagiNation has been recognized as a ground-breaking and innovative cultural space, not only in Dakar, but throughout West Africa. Describing Kër ImagiNation as an example of the newest definition of museums, Margherita Sani, Head of the Judging Panel said that,

“Kër ImagiNation is a democratizing, polyphonic and inclusive space which promotes and nurtures a culture based on critical thinking, where children are encouraged to observe, explore and research their surroundings and the outside world with the objective to improve it and contribute to a better future for all.

Kër Imagination should be praised for its vision and its ambition to create a new generation of African leaders who think outside the box about what is possible for Africa and the world. 

Kër Imagination can inspire other museums to design programmes to improve the condition of children and to all of us it offers a lesson of what can be achieved with a few means and a modest budget."

Thank you to all our supporters, families, friends, present and former staff, facilitators, artists, donors who have helped us reach this milestone.

Thank you for the love and generosity and support.

Thank you to all the institutions who have moved forward at our sides, pushing us forward and believing in our vision... Thank you to our friends at the
Partcours Dakar for including children deliberately.

Most of all thanks to the children who every day give us the possibility of making us and ourselves stronger and bolder."

- Karima Grant Abbott
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