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New Sustainability Efforts at Farm Festival 2018

New Sustainability Efforts at Farm Festival 2018

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Two new initiatives are being introduced at this year’s Farm Festival to lessen the environmental impact of Manhattan Country School's increasingly popular annual event.

Non-Disposable Food and Beverage Service

Non-disposable items, including plates, forks, and hot and cold cups, will be used for all food and beverage service during the day.

Waste Sorting Stations

There will be five supervised waste sorting stations on the block.  All refuse created by the event will be received into these dedicated stations that will provide optimal sorting. In addition, we will be composting food scraps for the first time. This initiative will allow us to minimize our landfill waste as much as possible, and ensure that our recyclable waste is appropriately sorted. It will also allow us to assess the waste that is received in order to fine tune our future efforts.

How You Can Help


We have hired dishwashers for the non-disposables, but we require 2-3 people per shift to transfer dirty dishes from the street to the kitchen to be cleaned and to bring clean service items back to the street. We have use of wheeled carts and the elevator. We also need 1 volunteer for each of the 5 waste stations per shift. We understand that overseeing the disposal and sorting of garbage may not be the most desirable volunteer opportunity, so we are looking for the real stewards and warriors here! If you can volunteer, please email Farm Festival Sustainability Chair Julie Strong at julstrong@gmail.com


If you have too many water or hot beverage bottles in your cupboard that are in excellent condition, please donate them from October 9-19 in the MCS lobby.  We will sterilize the used bottles in the MCS kitchen and provide them for use at Farm Festival.

Make No Waste

Please remember to bring your own re-usable water bottles, hot beverage bottles and shopping bags on the day of the event.

Thank you for supporting our sustainability efforts. See you at Farm Festival 2018– Saturday, October 20, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.