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New Crops at the MCS Farm this Fall

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

At the MCS Farm this fall, we took the opportunity provided by the change to the lower garden layout and some much needed rain to add some new crops. We added six new apple trees, choosing the varieties of Macoun, Northern Spy and Honeycrisp. Adding these trees will compliment our existing Macintosh, Paula Red and wild trees found throughout the Farm’s landscape.

We also added 15 “high bush” blueberry plants. Jersey, Blueray and Bluecrop were the chosen varieties due to their hardiness in our region and the mid- to late-season harvest time to coincide with student farm trips. Historically, we’ve traveled to nearby farms to pick our berries for the year’s supply. Adding bushes to our own garden adds to our list of foods for which travel is measured in steps.

Another very exciting addition is our newly built grape arbor. Using logs from Hophornbeam trees harvested from our own forest by Fifth Floor students, the rustic arbor will support grapes that will be planted this coming spring. Jellies, juice and freshly eaten grapes from the hand will add a new dimension to our growing variety of crops.