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Meet MCS' New Staff Members

Meet MCS' New Staff Members

Thursday, September 20, 2018

At the start of the 2018-2019  school year, there were several new faces among Manhattan Country School faculty and staff. We are happy to welcome the newest members of our community. Read on to learn a little bit about

Greg Bednarsh ‘07: Kitchen Assistant
Education: B.F.A. University of North Carolina
Why I Love MCS: Because of the stories told, the stories being told, and the stories yet to be told. There is history in every corner of what makes MCS, MCS. and because of its rich culture and diverse nature, it is never lost on me how lucky I was to attend such a beautiful place.
More About Me: I like long walks in the beach and reading a book in a nook until I get hooked.

Stephanie Bloom: School Nurse 
Education: B.S. Boston College; M.S.N. University of Pennsylvania; ACNP-BC Board Certified Nurse Practitioner
Why I Love MCS: The warm sense of community.
More About Me: I have a 7 year old daughter named Zoe, a cat named Patty Patty Cake and a dog named Booda. We are local Upper West Siders and can be found every Sunday morning on a Unicorn scooter at the Columbus Avenue green market.

Gillian Christian: 6-7s Assistant
Education: B.A. Wheaton College (IL); M.A. Teachers College, Columbia University
Why I Love MCS: Our daily visits to Central Park. It's wonderful to be able to spend so much time together out in nature!
More About Me: I love learning new languages, working on craft projects, and riding my bike around the city.

Jessica Contreras: 8-9s Head Teacher
Education: B.A. SUNY New Paltz; M.S. Hunter College
Why I Love MCS: Being part of a community that embodies and values social justice, progressive education, and environmental sustainability
More About Me:  I love camping, hiking, running, cooking, and traveling.

Sean Dolgin: 7-8s Assistant
Education: B.A. University of Vermont
Why I Love MCS: I love going to Central Park with the kids and I’m excited to bring the 7-8s to the farm for the first time!
More About Me: I am aspiring to hike all 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks!

Cece Fleury: 5-6s Assistant
Education: B.A. Tufts University; M.S. (c) Bank Street College of Education
Why I Love MCS: The warm community of educators, staff, students and families who make MCS feel like home!
More About Me: I love gardening and teaching American Sign Language to preschoolers at the local library.

Rosalinda Glennon: 7-8s Co-Head Teacher
Education/Degrees: B.A. City College of New York; M.S. Bank Street College of Education
Why I Love MCS: Working with a diverse group of children and colleagues
More About Me: I was born in Venezuela and speak Spanish fluently. I like knitting and going to hockey games.

Maryam Gonzalez: 4-5s Assistant
Education: B.S. University of Texas at Austin; M.S. Texas State University; M. Ed. Brooklyn College
Why I Love MCS: I love the diverse community that makes up MCS. Students and families travel from all parts of the city to form a cohesive family of social justice-oriented individuals.
More About Me: When I'm not busy being inspired by 4-5s, I'm busy exploring the city with my three year old son.

Gabrielle Harp: Farm Cooking Teacher
Education: B.A. SUNY Potsdam
Why I Love MCS: I love the community and hard work where everyone works together to accomplish what needs to be done.
More About Me: I love hiking and spend my free time helping out on my mom’s hobby farm.

Kevin Hershey: Lower School Resource Teacher
Education: B.A. University of Portland; M. Ed. Bank Street College of Education
Why I Love MCS: The way MCS reflects the diversity of New York and participates in a shared democratic life of the city. I love that from their first days here, children use the city’s parks and public transportation system.
More About Me: I often take long bike rides through Manhattan or find time to enjoy public parks and beaches. I am a dual citizen of the U.S. and Ireland and I enjoy Irish music and dance.

Tiffani Lynch: 6th Grade Head Teacher
Education: B.A. University of Arizona; M. Spec. Ed. Arizona State University
Why I Love MCS: The kids. They are the most empathetic, thoughtful, and enthusiastic students I’ve ever taught. I also love the sense of community (and the food!).
More About Me: In my free time I like to dance, hike, rock climb, camp and eat ice cream.

Ava Tattelman Parnes: 6th-8th Grade Math Teacher
Education: B.A. Yale University; M.Ed. Lesley University
Why I Love MCS: The welcoming community that works to give each member a voice. I am excited to learn so much from each of these voices!
More About Me:  Over the summer, I work at an overnight camp teaching canoeing, garden, and music. I learned to play guitar because I think music is a powerful tool for creating community, and I like to lead songs that everyone can sing together.

Ali Riggen: Farm Intern
Education: B.A. University of Vermont
Why I Love MCS: I like working at MCS because I love watching children develop their unique relationships with the natural world.
More About Me: I love gardening, making herbal remedies, harmony-singing, novels, and dreaming and scheming about someday building a house with natural materials.  

Tiffany Tsung, Assistant to the Lower School Director
Education: B.A. New York University; M.A. (c)Teachers College, Columbia University
Why I Love MCS: I love the community and how much everyone here cares about the students and the school as a place for learning and exploring. The mission at MCS is not just a tagline but a real commitment to produce better citizens of society.
More About Me: Volleyball is my favorite pastime! I play on two league teams throughout the week and tournaments on the weekends.