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MCS Farms' Belted Galloway Gives Birth

MCS Farms' Belted Galloway Gives Birth

Friday, May 12, 2017

Belted Galloway and calf

The MCS Farm’s Belted Galloway cow, Oreo, gave birth to a bull calf on Sunday, May 7. A Belted Galloway is considered a heritage breed of cattle, as it has stayed true to its genetics, has been raised in the United States since before 1925 and is or has been endangered, according to The Livestock Conservancy. Belted Galloways, with their distinct broad white belt that encircles the body, originated in southwest Scotland and are known to be efficient foragers, producers of high quality beef and exhibitors of strong maternal instincts. Oreo has been quite protective of her son, Carpaccio, who the 9-10s had the honor of naming during their spring farm trip this week.

Carpaccio, Belted Galloway Calf

Mom Oreo spends her day out in the green pasture while Carpaccio, during his early weeks of life, will stay in the barn to be showered with affection from our kids, who are helping him acclimate to humans. He’ll soon join mom and the other cows in the pasture to forage.