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MCS Delegates Shine at 2018 Model Congress

Saturday, June 2, 2018

2018 Model Congress

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, 12 student delegates from Manhattan Country School attended the Middle School Model Congress at Packer Collegiate Institute in downtown Brooklyn.

This year’s MCS delegates were Madeleine L., Gabriela M., Stella A., Oscar U., Dominic O., Lev L., Luca C., Eli S., Arlo C., Josephine A., Charles G., and Joe R.

2018 Model Congress

After three months of hard work in weekly after-school meetings, the MCS delegates were prepared and excited to defend their six bills. During the event, delegates broke off into separate committees based upon the content of their bill. These committees are meant to resemble actual congressional committees and include judiciary; education; health; housing & urban affairs; and science, space and technology. Bills that were passed in the Morning Committee Sessions were then reviewed in one of four Full Sessions: House I, House II, Senate I and Senate II.

Our student delegates presented bills that address a variety of domestic issues that have global impacts. The titles of our students’ bills were:

  • Equal Access to Healthy Food
  • An Act to Prevent Partisan Gerrymandering
  • An Act to Have Kids Be More Healthy and Perform Better in School
  • An Act to Encourage Companies to Reconsider Their Influence in Foreign Governments to Participate in Unethical Practices
  • The Factory Farm Animal Welfare Act
  • An Act to Increase Immigration to the United States from The Northern Triangle

At the end of the day, three of our six bills received passing votes, and one delegate received an honorable mention for best legislator in her committee.

2018 Model Congress