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MCS Abuzz About Addition to MCS Farm

Friday, January 6, 2017

Honey Bee Hive at MCS Farm The MCS Farm has acquired a second beehive, thanks to Cathy Cammer, farming teacher, program coordinator, and resident beekeeper. She entered a contest and won a new beehive kit from Hudson Valley Bee Supply valued at $280.

Cathy introduced honey bees to the lower garden of the MCS Farm in the Spring of 2016. We purchased our supplies from Hudson Valley Bee Supply and have benefitted from their vast experience and knowledge.

Honey Bee Hive at MCS Farm Our honey bee colony thrived over the summer and fall, pollinating the flowering plants, building winter stores of honey and providing students with an introduction to the workings of a bee hive. Installing a second hive will benefit our growing colony, which in the spring will be looking to split its population and move into a second hive. Without a second hive in place, the swarming group could be lost to the wilds.


To learn more about the honey bees at the MCS Farm, read "Introducing New Initiatives at the MCS Farm."