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Intersection: A Night with Janice Movson

Intersection: A Night with Janice Movson

Friday, January 11, 2019

Join us for an evening discussion, exhibition and film screening with artist and educator Janice Movson on Tuesday, February 5, 2019. As the art teacher at Manhattan Country School for 25 years, Movson understands deeply the value of being a working artist and how that intersects and informs her work as an educator.  She will be sharing her experiences and discussing the importance of early mentorship in empowering the lives of children. 

This importance is clearly illustrated  in Portrait of Lillie: A Passion for Art, a documentary film Movson made with Jeff Hall, with the support of the Manhattan Country School’s Gelernt Mentoring Grant. The short (27 min) film depicts Lillie Miller’s journey as a modern dancer and ceramicist, and captures how her early experiences with arts education and mentorship at University Settlement House launched her artistic journey. 

There will be a wine and cheese reception, followed by a discussion, a screening of the film as well as a Q &A.  Movson’s current works in ceramics will also be on display.  And Lillie Miller, who at 97 is still fully engaged in creating will be joining us for the evening as well. Please RSVP here.

Childcare will be available for MCS-enrolled students. $10 is suggested childcare donation payable at door. Please sign up when you RSVP.

More about Janice Movson: Janice Movson is a South African born artist who grew up under apartheid. She has her BFA in Painting and Art History and her MFA in Painting. Her original medium was large oil-painted canvasses, both figurative and abstract. As she began to explore clay, she drew upon the visually rich, culturally diverse, and politically fraught world in which she came of age, glazing personally meaningful symbols and drawings onto her sculpted figures. Through these ceramic figures she explores the immigrant’s sense of being displaced, of losing home. Her hand-built vessels reflect a different instinct: she is less invested in imbuing these pieces with power or story and tries instead to feel her way into the clay. Janice currently lives in Harlem and sculpts at Greenwich House Pottery Studio.

More about Lille Miller:  As a young modern dancer, Lille Miller studied under Martha Graham, performed in the 1940s in Jean Erdman’s company, where she intersected with John Cage, Merce Cunningham, and Joseph Campbell.  She performed professionally with Anna Sokolow  as well as in the Yiddish theater.  She learned to play the cello in her 60s, and continues to express herself in her 90s as a ceramicist. Currently, Miller is a ceramicist at Greenwich House Pottery Studio, where she met and inspired Movson to embark on her first film project.