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Highlights From the Upper School Assembly: Pondering Power, Exploring Space, Tackling Locker Problems and More

Friday, October 23, 2015

This month’s Upper School assembly provided an opportunity for students to share some of the work they’ve done during the first two months of school. Continuing last year’s theme of mindfulness, the assembly began with a few moments of silence. Then, Upper School Spanish Teacher Carolina Drake led the group in a rendition of “Hola a Todos.” 

Alec, Tai, Amina, Malik, Liam, Malia and Aaron discussed the power projects the seventh- and eighth-graders have been working on as part of their English and history studies. They described six types of civic power—physical, state action, numbers, social norms, ideas and wealth—and asked their peers to provide real-life examples. They then shared the metaphors they created about power. Power is like a mountain, offered Alec, while Malia compared power to artificial intelligence.

Sixth-graders Eva, Arianna, Jonas and Asad described how their class has been studying science by examining space exploration movies. They shared a clip from “Apollo 13” and discussed what they found to be scientifically accurate and inaccurate in this and the other movies they viewed.

Fifth-graders Brickelle and Oscar shared one of the math projects their class has tackled this year. With “Locker Problems,” the class set out to determine how many lockers would be open at Super MCS, where there are 1,000 lockers and 1,000 students—each opening lockers according to a specific pattern (e.g. every locker, every second locker, every third locker, etc.)

Additional presentations included the seventh- and eighth-graders’ trip to Inwood Park, the sixth grade’s recitation of the preamble to the Constitution and highlights from their trip to Philadelphia, fifth-grade research projects that explored the regeneration of fish and the impact of liquids on M&Ms’ candy coating, and summer math videos.