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The Good Stuff Starts Coming: MCS and High School Readiness

The Good Stuff Starts Coming: MCS and High School Readiness

Friday, November 30, 2018

Cynthia Rogers has worked as the Manhattan Country School High School Placement Director for over 11 years. As the head of the MCS Exmissions Department, Cynthia takes the utmost care, detail and diligence into placing graduating eighth-grade students into one of their top three choices for high school.

Beginning in the spring of seventh grade while progressing into the fall and early spring semester of eighth grade, Cynthia introduces MCS seniors and their families into the process of preparation, application, and acceptance into the best independent day, boarding, public and parochial schools in New York City and beyond.

Students will spend months preparing to enter into new school communities as responsible, empowered young adults. During this time Cynthia works closely with Upper School Director Maiya Jackson as well as the seventh and eighth-grade instructional teams to begin the outgoing candidacy packets of each student. At MCS students are presented personally and expertly in-depth to their high schools of choice.

The high school placement process takes about six months altogether. Students and families will explore complex criteria such as school and student rank as well as new forms of time management-based accountability such as data entry in the Department of Education's MySchool online application database.

The high school placement process has many different meanings for MCS students and families. Cynthia specializes in cultivating relationships with high school admissions directors, maintaining personal contact with MCS alumni in high school and building 1-on-1 relationships with eighth graders who will come to understand what they can expect during their upcoming application processes while staying true to themselves - no matter who they are. 

The Exmissions department invites students and parents to actively branch out and explore their high school options. While students tour and apply, every transcript and letter of recommendation is personally written and filled with strong narrative pieces. Cynthia has highlighted the key values each seventh and eighth-grade student should have throughout the high school application season:

Resilience - The application process will "push and pull" students and their families in many ways. Challenging factors such as homework, application writing, portfolios, auditions, and test score requests can be tough obstacles for seniors but an adaptable attitude will help students to recover quickly from difficult tasks.

Patience - There is a great deal of waiting for feedback and materials during the high school placement months, especially after final submission. Students who understand patience will maintain their day-to-day peace of mind during the "hear back" phase.

Stamina - Endurance is key to writing simultaneous essays, touring open-houses and taking entry exams. Self-determination, an MCS value, during this process will encourage students to rely on the strength of their identity with rigorous fortitude.

Getting into high school is not easy. After 14 years as Upper School director and in her latest reincarnation as High School Placement Director, Cynthia understands the complexity of the process and gives students ways to search and understand their academic possibilities and future. Through interesting angles and active dialogues with each student's family, the "good stuff starts coming" and high school acceptance will take place in every scholar's life. MCS students make a change in the world - and Cynthia Rogers is here to help them do it.

2018 High School Attendance:

  • HS of American Studies, at Lehman College

  • HS of Art & Design

  • Bard HS of Early College, Queens

  • Calhoun

  • Beacon

  • Horace Mann

  • York Prep

  • Ursuline School, New Rochelle

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Millennium

  • HS of Math, Science, and Engineering at City College

  • Fieldston

  • Little Red Elisabeth Irwin

  • Leman Manhattan

  • Oakwood Friends

  • Manhattan/Hunter Science

  • Fessenden School

  • Phillips Andover

  • Repertory Company HS of Theater Arts