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Food Fosters Strong Community Connections at the Farm

Friday, September 23, 2016

Students pressing apples at the MCS FarmAt the Manhattan Country School Farm, strong connections are made through food. The kitchen is the heart of our community. The products that are grown, raised and harvested in our garden, barn, greenhouse, orchard and sap house reach us all through the hands that prepare meals and by eating and celebrating each meal, family style, in the farmhouse dining room.

At the MCS Farm, we work to restore the soil that gives us our bounty and through this work we nurture our human connections. We broaden these basic relationships by sharing our work at the Farm with our larger MCS community on West 85th Street. Cattle and pigs, raised by MCS students, supply beef and pork for school lunches. Extra produce from our gardens also find their way to lunch plates. This week, the seventh- and eighth-grade students of Norte homeroom picked bushels of McIntosh apples at a nearby orchard. Cider was pressed, apples were eaten by hand and several bushels were loaded on Friday’s Farm bus to be enjoyed by the entire school next week.