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First Farm Trip for the 7-8s

Saturday, June 8, 2019

This week, as a crowd of anxious parents filled the sidewalk of 85th street, MCS 7-8s loaded the bus for their first trip to the MCS Farm. Prior to their trip, Farm Director John McDaniel visited with the students and asked them what they think happens at the farm. Comments included "We get to cook," "there are bunk beds," "there's a sewing thing" and "we can't shower." After two nights at the farm, students found that the farm exceeded their expectations!

The 7-8's first Farm trip is full of acts of bravery. It takes courage to leave their families for a couple of days and sleep in a new place. There is bravery in entering a barn full of new sounds and smells, to hand-milk a cow and reach under a chicken for an egg. Daring to try a new food, jump in the hay or walk deep in the woods. All of these experiences and countless more will become familiar as these children return time and again to their home away from home.