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Final Eighth-Grade Farm Trip: a Time for Rituals and Reconnecting

Final Eighth-Grade Farm Trip: a Time for Rituals and Reconnecting

Friday, May 5, 2017

Class of 2017

The final farm trip for Manhattan Country School eighth-graders provides a time for reflection, reconnections, visits to cherished places and new experiences. A couple of birthdays were celebrated with singing and cake, baked by classmates. The class worked throughout the week on their mural, which had the theme from the movie “Up.”

In nature studies they continued their investigation and discussion of the yearlong topic of honey bee hive collapse. Their action plan, to support the Farm’s own honey bee colony, was to plant a pollinator garden. They planted a variety of self-seeding wildflowers, perennial flowers and herbs in the lower garden.

Eighth-Graders Gardening

On Tuesday, our long-time sheep shearer Nancy was here to shear the flock. Everyone watched the process that supplies fiber for our textiles program and a few even tried their hands at shearing. In a woodworking class with Garth, the class built several benches that can be installed on the hay wagon for seating during rides.

Thursday was a day full of events that serve as a rite of passage for a final Farm trip. The entire class walked the three miles to the Village of Roxbury for lunch at a local café and a stroll around the historic town.  They returned from their walk to watch a slide show of their time spent at the Farm since, for many, the 7-8s. Thursday evening after dinner the kids circled around the bonfire to say their good-byes. The crackling fire under the stars provided the ideal backdrop for some emotional and poignant thoughts to be shared among friends.