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The Farm Thing: One MCS Parent's Transformative Experience

The Farm Thing: One MCS Parent's Transformative Experience

Friday, January 25, 2019

When I first heard about MCS I thought, what’s the big deal about the farm thing? Was I in for a surprise!

I grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan around the corner from MCS. I went to a private school but I had never heard of MCS and I didn’t know a lot about progressive education. Now I want to shout from the treetops and share it with all children and families...this is how it CAN BE regardless of how much money you have or what you look like.

My son is in the 7-8s and my daughter is 4, and I’ve learned as a parent MCS teaches our children to make our world a better place and how to get what you want, stand up for yourself, and get anything done.  This is where the farm plays a magical part of that education.

“The thought of my kids learning this way was electrifying.”

My family rented the farm last Memorial Day weekend with five other MCS families   We were blown away and truly moved by the whole experience. What an incredible learning tool I had inadvertently given my kids by choosing MCS with "the farm thing!”

My takeaway from our weekend was how easy it was for the kids to become a part of the farm instantaneously and to participate in an environment where everyone contributes and benefits at the same time and how fun and rewarding that can be. The whole cycle of life was right there in so many ways and each individual’s part in making it work or not work was revealed in the simplest of ways. There were people running this self-sustaining community who seemingly without effort drew our kids into the mix of learning, creating and working together.   Everywhere we looked some part of the farm’s workings were apparent and everything one could want or need was right there in a way that made it quite clear how things happen and don’t happen without teamwork. Our kids jumped at all the different opportunities, the ways to be together or be by themselves in the community. It was surprisingly comfortable and rustic - while being empowering at the same time and the thought of my kids learning this way was electrifying.

Another takeaway, which is also a theme in every walk of MCS life, was how clearly our children are learning the difference between privilege and entitlement.  Our socio-economically, racially and culturally diverse population are in the same classroom or school or building or farm community. This is where they learn how to go after their own success or change from the ground up.

To be at this beautiful farm, to eat, drink and play with things made right there on the spot was magical.  It gave me a new appreciation for this amazing school that is a beacon of light in our lives and shows our children and even ourselves a path forward towards peace and happiness and success.

Thank you MCS.

Jody Watermeyer