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Farm Festival 2019: Help Make it the Best One Yet

Farm Festival 2019: Help Make it the Best One Yet

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Farm Festival is an annual community-building and fundraising event that requires the creativity, generosity and collaboration of ALL MCS PARENTS! It takes place on Saturday, October 19 from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. on West 85th Street in front of the school. The day features a raffle, games and rides, arts and crafts, entertainment and food.

All members of the MCS community, with friends and family, are invited to attend Farm Festival. Although the 6-7s parents organize and manage the event, all MCS families help to ensure success. We need your help right now on raffle, online auction and sponsorship!


Paper raffle tickets were distributed to each family this week via your child’s cubby at school. We raise more than $25,000 in raffle ticket sales each year. Our goal this year is to raise $30,000! Please note that the individual ticket price is now $5. Ticket books remain $20. Raffle tickets can be purchased online.


Each family is asked to donate a minimum of one item, service or experience to the online auction. We are looking for items that reflect the creativity, diversity, experience and work of the MCS community. Solicitation materials can be found here. Please help us make this auction a total success by sharing the online auction details with friends, family and colleagues. Click here to access the auction. 


A growing part of Farm Festival is sponsorship. This can be cash support, supplies or a service. For example, a supplier provides all of the beef for the event and they are, in turn, recognized for their generosity. Parent Di Quon Wilms leads this effort. Please reach out to her if you have a connection to a company or if you are a business owner.

Please watch your email on Thursdays for Farm Festival updates. Thank you for helping to make this year’s festival a success!

Zero Waste Goals

Don't forget about our zero waste goals! Farm Festival 2018 was unprecedented in nearly zero-ing out waste. With waste sorting stations, reusable dishes, and NYC tap water for drinking, we managed to send only 8 bags of trash to the landfill and diverted 500 pounds of food waste to compost.  In 2019, we want to do even more. The day of Farm Festival, don't forget to BYOBags - for all your marketplace finds AND BYOBottle - to fill up at the water station