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Farm Camp 2018: Week One Offers Gardening, Cooking, Woodworking, Weaving, Water Fun and More

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Farm Camp 2018 Week One

Week one of Manhattan Country School’s Farm Camp is in the books. The vegetable gardens have never looked better. The kids have been harvesting, eating and processing broccoli, lettuce, snap peas, summer squash, onions, raspberries and kale. Campers in cooking class have been creating delicious meals with these ingredients and others produced right here at our farm.

Farm Camp 2018 Week One

The kids have started many different projects in textiles class, including needle felting, rug hooking and weaving on the large floor loom. They even collaborated with the woodworking class by sewing bean bags for a game called corn hole. The kids in the woodworking class constructed and painted the platform for this bean bag toss game, which was added to the many things campers can do during their free time. In nature class, one group spent time pulling cattail plants from the pond at the MCS Farm at Meeker Hollow. The cattails are spreading rapidly and taking over much of the pond. The group then planted a native arrowroot plant in its place.

Each afternoon, the campers traveled to Belleayre Lake to swim and boat. The temperatures have been steadily in the high 80s, making the fresh water lake the place to be. Evenings were spent playing some of the usual MCS Farm games such as capture the flag, sardines and kick the can.

Farm Camp 2018 Week One

We spent Saturday at Clark Sports Center in Cooperstown, N.Y. This world-class facility provided an indoor climbing wall, swimming pools, a gymnasium, racquet courts and a bowling alley. That evening, after a dinner from legendary Brooks Barbeque, we saw the movie Ant-Man. On Sunday, the campers visited Zoom Flume Water Park, where they spent the day in the Lazy River, Mighty Anaconda, Typhoon Twister and Wave Pool.

Monday was our first overnight campout. A group of kids joined Garth and Joe on a hike to the Mountain Meadow. They pitched tents, suspended hammocks from trees, cooked over an open fire and, of course, ate S’mores before crawling into sleeping bags for the night.

Stay tuned for what week two has in store.