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Eighth-Graders Perform Game of Tiaras

Friday, June 15, 2018

This week, Manhattan Country School's eighth-graders delivered three performances of "Game of Tiaras," a production directed by Nehemiah Luckett and featuring the school's oldest students in the following roles:

Narrator 1: Emma

Narrator 2: Nico

Snow White: Violet

Belle: Roxanne

Cinderella: Eva

Ellie (Snow Queen): Lily

King: Aaron

Prince Charming: William

Smeagol: Jory

French Prince: Nirvana

Animated Snowman: Kyle

Executioner: Asad

Bloody Packet Guy: Joe

Herald: Morgan

Dwarf: Sydney

Cinderella's Henchmen: Ariana, Kyle, Ruby

Snow Queen's Henchmen: Stella, Cruz, Asad

French Soldiers: Christina, Jonas, Ruby

Talking Teapot Lady: Brianna

Crowd Members: Ariana, Kyle, Brianna


MCS seventh-graders had behind-the-scenes roles:

Lights & Sound: Maceo, Oscar, Carlo

Set Design: Rachel, Sadie, Elise, Madeleine, Rafael, Adrian, Josephine, Sabrina

Props and Program Design: Arlo, Carlo, Leo, Ayo, Gabriela, Anika, Tady, Eli, Kellyn, Brickelle

Program Design: Aaron, Maceo

Program Cover Art: Stella