Eighth-Grade Class Gift

Eighth-Grade Class Gift

Each year, Manhattan Country School presents eighth-grade families with opportunities to fund much-needed items as their parting gift to the school. Previous class gifts have included a new audio-visual system for the MCS gym, and garden beds and a wood-burning pizza oven for the MCS Farm. These are gifts that keep on giving.

2018 Eighth-Grade Class Gift

Class of 2018 as 7-8s
The Class of 2018 during their first trip to the MCS Farm as 7-8s students.

The MCS Class of 2018 families have chosen to fund the installation of a bluestone sidewalk leading to the MCS farmhouse.

Bluestone Walkway
The sidewalk leading to the farmhouse.

Bluestone is an extremely hard, durable, fine-grained sandstone that can be found from Northeastern Pennsylvania to Albany, New York. The finest examples are quarried in the Catskill Mountains. There is an existing bluestone sidewalk on the north side of the MCS farmhouse that needs replacing and a deteriorated poured cement sidewalk along the driveway that will be replaced with bluestone. The stone ranges in color from gray to brown to purple to blue. The darker the blue in the stone, the greater the value.

The MCS Farm once owned a bluestone quarry at the top of New Kingston Mountain, but sold it off many years ago. More than half of New York City sidewalks were made up of bluestone at one time. The next time you’re walking in West Harlem, Park Slope, or Yorkville on the Upper East Side look for examples of this.

This is an opportunity to repair and replace the very treads MCS kids walk on daily with a locally sourced and historically significant material.

Raising Funds for the Purchase and Installation of a New Bluestone Sidewalk

In keeping with MCS’ ethos, a gift of any amount that feels right for your family is greatly appreciated and deeply valued. If the class raises more than the goal amount, the additional funds will be applied to other school needs.

Contributions to the MCS eighth-grade class gift must be made by June 30, 2018.



Total Raised to Date for the Class of 2018 Gift





Contribute to the Eighth-Grade Class Gift

To make a contribution to the 2018 Eighth-Grade Class Gift, select “Eighth-Grade Class Gift” from the drop-down menu on our Giving Page, which can be accessed by clicking the button below.