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Curriculum Share at the Upper School Assembly

Curriculum Share at the Upper School Assembly

Sunday, October 27, 2019

On Thursday, October 24, Upper School students gathered for their first student-led assembly of the year. Hosted by the Student Council, students in 5th through 8th grade took turns presenting on various projects they've been working on this year. "It's a celebration of your work and an opportunity to share what’s going on is your classes and electives," Upper School director, Maiya Jackson said. 

Highlights from the program:
Activism Elective
The Activism Elective has begun the thoughtful debate process to choose a cause to study and support this year. Soon they will hold a vote to decide which issue will be their focus for the year; Climate change, Mental Health or Immigration

5th Grade Word Challenge
Students are shown a picture and asked to describe the photo without using it's actual name. For example, one student described a photo of a blue sky over a sandy beach without using the words "blue" or "sky."

Digital Story-Telling
Students in DIgital Story-Telling presented a short animated video featuring illustrations and explanations on a dry-erase board about the negative affects of climate change.

Philadelphia Trip
The 6th grade took a trip to Philadelphia  and presented on their experiences. The class, taught by Tiffani, briefly discussed the historic sites of freedom, liberty and governance in the City of Brotherly Love.

7th and 8th grade English​
"I'm starving!" "Don't jump down my throat!" 7th and 8th grade students read a list of common comments and phrases and asked their peers to find and explain the metaphors. 

7th grade students read the poem, "Hope is the thing with feathers" and then shared poems they wrote about hope. 

Summer Homework
Over the Summer Upper School students were asked to explore different aspects of foundational math and mathematical history. Their assignment was to explain their findings in a short video. A video featuring animated stick figures was shown to explain percent change and how to chart and graph a linear equation were shown in a fictional Bed & Breakfast commercial .

​7th grade Students are learning about life studies in science. They used posters and visual representations to show the functions of different cells.

Still Life Elective
Students who want to hone their drawing skills showed their interpretations of flowers they drew in this elective. 

Sketching Elective
This elective takes students outside or on tours of the building for inspiration. They explore their talent for sketching by drawing what they see and shared a slideshow of their sketches with the Upper School. 

Students discussed how different cultures have evolved over time and how many Arabic scriptures were translated into Latin so they could introduce their findings to the rest of the world.

7th Grade Spanish
Students presented entirely in Spanish about the upcoming holiday, 
Dia de los muertos​. El Día de Muertos es una fiesta mexicana que se celebra en todo México, en particular en las regiones Central y Sur, y por personas de herencia mexicana en otros lugares.

Photography Lab
From floral arrangements and fire escapes to pictures and selfies, students in the Photography Lab elective showed a slideshow of the different photos they've taken this year. Playing with perspective and depth of field, students can tell the stories of New York City through photography.