6-7s Building Study: Progressive Education

Curriculum Night 2018

Curriculum Night 2018

Friday, October 5, 2018

Parents filled Manhattan Country School for the Curriculum Night on October 4.  During the standing-room-only Community Meeting at the beginning of the evening, faculty members presented a panel discussion about arts at MCS.

Janice Movson, Leo Reynoso, Chawon Williams, and Donna McDaniel (via video from the Farm) each introduced their philosophy and goals for art, shop, afterschool, and the textiles programs, respectively.

In introducing the panel, Michèle Solá presented a line that founder Gus Trowbridge often quoted from a visit by Evelyn Rich, a respected teacher, UFT activist, and professor of education, as well as one of the Freedom Riders who had an expansive definition of “progressive” in progressive education: “I was once told that if you had only one measure of a progressive school, you could spot it by the expressiveness of the children’s art work. What this says is that progressive education is a climate of creativity and of freedom from conformity.”

Following the presentation, parents went to their children’s classrooms to meet teachers, see projects their children have worked on so far, and learn more about the year ahead.