COVID Policies & FAQ

This page houses all COVID related information in regards to Manhattan Country School. The FAQ below includes both guidelines that the MCS community already adheres to as well as some policy updates based on the recent release of New York City's updated guidelines for schools and businesses regarding COVID-19 this past week. We know that the ever-changing nature of the pandemic and subsequent policy adaptations can be a lot of information to digest and can get a bit confusing. In that regard, we hope this COVID FAQ will help guide you and your family as we move through COVID together. While we will notify you of any changes to our policies, we will update this page as well, so please continue to check this page. 

Masking & Health/Safety Policies

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  • Do all students, staff, & faculty have to wear masks while inside the the MCS building?

    MCS will return to a mask mandate on Monday, April 18. We will re-evaluate in two weeks to determine if we will go back to mask optional. 
    • All visitors (non-MCS students/faculty/staff) who enter the building must be vaccinated and wear a mask.
    • Individuals who have recently ended a five-day isolation period for COVID-19 must continue to wear masks for an additional five days even though their isolation period has ended and they can return to school.
    • Arrival/Dismissal: All adults must wear a mask outside during arrival and dismissal.
    • Extracurricular Activities: Students must be masked while riding a bus to and from school and the Farm as well as to and from sports.
    • Field Trips: Students on field trips need to remain masked at all times and comply with all destination vaccination requirements.
    • Assemblies: All non-MCS faculty/staff/students must be vaccinated and wear a mask in the building at all times and throughout the duration of an assembly if in attendance. 
  • What should students and staff do if they feel sick OR have COVID related symptoms?

    The most important thing our community members can do to minimize exposure and limit potential spread is stay home if there are any signs of symptoms, especially fatigue, headaches, congestion, and coughing. Regardless of vaccination status, if your child or a household member are experiencing ANY flu-like or COVID-19 symptoms, you must notify MCS immediately by emailing and remain at home.

    Symptoms may include:
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath
    • Runny nose
    • Sore throat
    • Loss of taste or smell
    • Fever
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting or diarrhea

  • What can MCS community members do to stay safe?

    We ask our community to be mindful of the health and safety of the larger community. Please take all possible precautions to prevent exposure or transmission of COVID-19.


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Test-To-Stay: COVID Exposure

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In-School Weekly Testing

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Program & Learning During COVID

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  • Commitment to In-Person Learning

    At MCS, we love your children. All of us - administrators, teachers, and staff - are committed to providing uninterrupted in-person instruction to as many students as possible. But we cannot do it alone. Families as well as faculty and staff need to adhere to health and safety protocols in order to ensure we can all be in school together without disruptions.
  • Will MCS resume Hybrid Instruction?

    MCS is not resuming hybrid instruction.
  • What if I keep my child home out of general precaution for COVID-19 exposure and infection?

    Students who have not been exposed or infected with COVID-19 and stay home out of an abundance of caution will be marked as an “unexcused absence”.
  • If my child has to stay home from school due to COVID exposure or testing positive for COVID-19, will they receive remote work?

    Remote work will NOT be provided to children who are at home due to testing positive for COVID-19.
  • Will students be going on Field Trips at school?

    As of March 28, students will be able to go on school led Field Trips. All students must wear masks throughout the entire duration of their Field Trips, regardless of their vaccination status. Students on field trips must also comply with destination all vaccination requirements.

    *Please Note: If a Field Trip venue requires vaccination, unvaccinated students will not be able to attend the Field Trip. These will not be provided supplemental work and should stay home from school on the day of the Field Trip. 
  • Will MCS offer extracurriculars? (i.e. Assemblies, Team Sports, & Afterschool)

    Assemblies: After Spring Break, starting March 28, we will return to holding in-person Assemblies in a modified form to reduce the number of people in the gym at any given time.
    *Please Note: All non-MCS faculty/staff/students must be vaccinated and wear a mask in the building at all times and throughout the duration of an assembly if in attendance.

    Team Sports: MCS's Team Sports have fully resumed to their regular pre-COVID program. 
    *Please Note: Per the most recent COVID updates from the NYCDOH, if a student is eligible for a booster but has not received it, they are not permitted to do extracurricular activities. 

    Afterschool: Our Afterschool has fully resumed and returned to our pre-COVID program. 

Farm Trips

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  • Are students still able to go on Farm Trips?

    Yes! Students have been taking Farm Trips since we returned to school in January.
  • Will students be tested prior to attending the Farm Trip with their class?

    To attend Farm Trips, students must follow the testing protocols outline below:
    1. Take a rapid test at home the day before departing for the farm and submit your results by filling out this Farm Trip Rapid Test Submission Form. 
    2. Take an additional rapid test at school administered by Nurse Stephanie on the day your child departs for the Farm
    3. Take a rapid test at home one day after returning from the Farm trip and again submit your results by filling out the Farm Trip Rapid Test Submission Form.
    Please Note:
    • Should your child get a positive rapid result before the trip, they will NOT be able to attend the Farm trip. 
    • If your child personally tested positive for COVID in the last 10 days, please immediately email Nurse Stephanie ( 
      • Students who recently tested positive for COVID may be unable to attend the Farm Trip depending on the date of their positive test.
    • If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s upcoming Farm Trip please contact either our Lower School Director, Mary Trowbridge ( or our Upper School Director, Maiya Jackson (
  • Will there be a remote learning day the Friday before my child’s Farm Trip?

    No, we are discontinuing remote learning days the Friday before a Farm trip. 
  • What additional safety protocols has MCS implemented to ensure Farm Trip safety?

    Due to the surge in COVID cases, we have adjusted some of the safety guidelines around the Farm trips. 
    1. N95/KN95 Masks: We strongly recommend all students and employees wear surgical masks or KN95/N95 masks that fit securely across the face and fully cover the mouth and nose, and avoid cloth masks. Everyone will be masked at the Farm when in any building and outside, and when a minimum of six feet physical distance can’t be maintained. The only exceptions will be while sleeping, eating, and performing hygiene needs (showering, brushing teeth etc.).
    2. Bus: MCS will be using a bus vendor until we can hire a new driver. We have verified that our driver through the vendor is vaccinated, boosted, masked, and regularly tested.
    3. Minimize Social Interaction Before Farm Trip: We ask families to minimize their child’s social interaction to the greatest degree possible the weekend before a Farm trip. Omicron is highly transmissible, and any social interaction before a Farm trip by a student or their family member could pose the risk of exposure. If there's an outbreak at the Farm, our staff will be unable to support trips in the following weeks. Please take precaution to be a responsible community member, keep our Farm staff safe, and ensure other students from other grade levels get to enjoy their Farm trips too.
    4. Isolation: An unoccupied third floor bedroom will be used as a space of isolation in the event a student(s) become symptomatic. If the isolation space reaches full capacity, the entire class will return home immediately.
  • What if my child is NOT attending the Farm Trip with their class?

    There will be no classes for students who are not attending the Farm trip.

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