Cynthia Rogers

High schools are ready for MCS students and MCS students are ready for high school!"
Manhattan Country School works closely with our students and families throughout the high school application process to help match 8th grade students with their best-fit school.
Fausto has served as Director of High School Placement at the Oliver Scholars Program and The Equity Project Charter School, where he built upon and expanded relationships with various school partners, successfully placing students at The Dalton School, LREI, Riverdale Country School, Phillips Academy Andover, and St. Andrew’s School, among many. Fausto’s experience with working in admissions at the Oliver Schools Program and The School at Columbia University will provide a unique perspective for the 8th grade students and families at Manhattan Country School. In alignment with MCS’s own mission, the advancement of social justice in education, for all families to receive the critical information they need to make informed decisions for their family’s future, regardless of background or language, has been a guiding principle throughout Fausto’s career. 

As the High School Placement Director at Manhattan Country School, Fausto will continue to implement a holistic approach to ensure that all families receive the attention, degree of advocacy, and strong support necessary for every student’s success at Manhattan Country School and in high school. Fausto is committed to providing the best opportunities for the advancement of young people and their families and is excited to work with families at Manhattan Country School.

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