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For families wishing to apply for admissions to Catholic High Schools, there are numerous options throughout New York City and surrounding areas. Catholic High Schools generally require, in addition to a completed application, an exam for admissions. For most, although not all, Catholic Schools, this exam is called the TACHS (Test for Admission to Catholic Schools). You may access more information regarding the TACHS exam, how to register and the application to Catholic Schools at

You may find more information about the Catholic High School options in New York City by visiting the website for each diocese.

In order to apply to Catholic School, you must first take the TACHS exam. For more information about the TACHS exam and how to register for it, click here. NOTE: For this admissions cycle, the TACHS exam will be administered VIRTUALLY. Please ensure that your family has reviewed the Data System Requirements for the exam.

After you have registered your child for the TACHS examination, please take a moment to print the Applicant Record 2022-2023 form AND complete Section A: Student Information only. After completion of Section A only, please submit the document to the High School Placement Director either in person or via email. They will complete the form and submit it to each school, accompanied by the required documentation.

Some Catholics are able to give modest financial aid. Nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult for families to complete tuition. There are a limited number of resources available to families that can provide partial aid or scholarships to qualifying families.
Some families who will require tuition assistance and/or scholarships, may be eligible for a scholarship and mentoring program called Student Sponsor Partners (SSP).  Please visit for more information.

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