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The Class of 2018's Blue Stone Walkway Debuts at the MCS Farm

The Class of 2018's Blue Stone Walkway Debuts at the MCS Farm

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Each year, through the generosity of the families of graduating students, a gift is made to Manhattan Country School. The MCS Farm has been the recipient of several gifts over the years. For example, our “wood-fired” bake oven was gifted by the class of 2011.  This year, the Class of 2018 gift allowed us to build two new walkways, replacing the two worn sidewalks around the farmhouse.

One sidewalk is made of poured concrete while the other of native bluestone.  Bluestone is extremely hard, durable, fine grained sandstone. The stone can be found from Northeastern Pennsylvania to Albany, NY. However, the finest examples are quarried in the Catskill Mountains. The MCS Farm once owned a bluestone quarry at the top of New Kingston Mountain, but sold it off many years ago. More than half of the sidewalks in New York City were made up of bluestone at one time. Notice the next time you’re walking in West Harlem, Park Slope or Yorkville on the Upper East Side for examples of this.

The 2018 Eighth Grade gift has allowed us to repair and replace the very treads our kids walk on daily, with a locally sourced and historically significant material. We purchased the stone from a Delaware County, NY quarry and hired a local contractor to perform the installation. The walkway on the north end of the farmhouse, near the ball field is complete and quite stunning. The concrete walkway, near the driveway, which will also be replaced with bluestone, is scheduled to be completed soon.