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Childcare Guidelines

Childcare Guidelines

Sunday, September 29, 2019

With the start of each school year, we like to remind our friends of childcare guidelines and procedures. At MCS, we try to provide childcare as often as possible at school events. 

In order for us to safely provide childcare for MCS evening and weekend events we ask that you follow this set of guidelines.

  1. Sign up on the appropriate Google Form/Sheet which will be emailed to the community. Please note: sign up will close 24 hours before the event in order to provide adequate time for staff to plan for food, space, and the correct adult to child ratio. If you do not sign up on the Google Sheet we are unable to provide childcare for the event. Unlike Afterschool, we do not accept drop ins. 
  2. On the sign up sheet please indicate how many children will be needing care, their names, and if they will be eating pizza and snacks provided. If they will be eating with us, please indicate if they will be arriving late so that we can save them some pizza. Also, please note that we do not provide gluten free or vegan options at this time. If you intend to send food for your child, please adhere to the ‘nut free’ and ‘no candy, no soda’ policies in place.
  3. If your child is coming to childcare directly from afterschool there will be a space on the sign up sheet to indicate this. Childcare providers will pick them up on the landing at 5:30 p.m. and direct them to the childcare location. 
  4. When you arrive to pick up your child please leave promptly. To be ready for school the next day childcare closes as soon as the event is over.  We cannot accommodate extended time for adults to chat with each other or play with children. Staff needs to to organize and reset spaces so that the cleaning staff can begin their work. It is important for the classrooms to be cleaned for use by teachers the following morning and this work can only be done when everyone has cleared out. 
  5. MCS childcare is available to currently enrolled MCS students only. Unless they attend MCS, we cannot accommodate siblings.

Certain voluntary events will be funded by suggested donations of $10 per child. These events may require sign up on Eventbrite to allow for payment at the time of registration or will be indicated on the Google sign up sheet.