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Bee Grant Update

Bee Grant Update

Friday, January 25, 2019

In early December, the Manhattan Country School Farm was notified that we were awarded a grant from the Whole Kids Foundation and their partner The Bee Cause Project. The Whole Kids Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Whole Foods, offered a monetary grant or beekeeping equipment to schools and non-profit organizations. In our application, we opted for the $1500 monetary grant to expand our existing honey bee program which you can read about here.

On Tuesday, January 22, a delivery truck pulled into the Farm driveway and delivered an enormous box. Like kids at a birthday party we tore into the box. Inside, not only was there a grant check, but two new hives, guides, curriculum books, signage and packets of honey-based lip balm and skin care items.

There are different types of hives, the MCS Farm uses the traditional Langstroth hive; another model is a Mason Bee hive. Mason Bees are gentle, native bees that are incredible springtime pollinators. By raising them and increasing their population, it takes stress off the already struggling honey bees. The added Langstroth and Mason Bee hives will be added to our “bee yard” located in the lower garden. This will provide students with a third hive to investigate and learn from and an increased honey production.

The $1500 will go toward the purchase of more bee suits, apiary and honey extraction tools and a fourth honey bee hive. While we were thrilled to be awarded the financial grant, the additional equipment was a huge bonus to the Manhattan Country School Farm.