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Basketball Game Showcases Strength of MCS Community

Basketball Game Showcases Strength of MCS Community

Thursday, March 2, 2017

2017 Community Basketball Game

Just ahead of the mid-winter break, Manhattan Country School students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni gathered at the 92nd Street Y for this year's Community Basketball Game.

In front of bleachers filled with cheering fans, a team in red and a team in blue competed for the title of winner of this annual community-building event.

The teams were pretty evenly matched, as was the score throughout most of the game. However, in the last quarter the blue team broke ahead, capturing a 43-36 victory.

During halftime, younger basketball enthusiasts in attendance had the chance to test their b-ball skills. Their challenge? Pick a spot on the court from which to shoot a basket. They earned MCS-branded gear for their efforts.

Thank you to everyone who played in the game or cheered from the stands. Please enjoy photo highlights from the game below.