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MCS' 50th Anniversary

MCS' 50th Anniversary

Celebrating 50 Years of Impact

Five decades ago, Gus and Marty Trowbridge set out to create an independent school where equality, social justice, a diverse community and the inspiration of Martin Luther King, Jr. would form the basis for children’s education. On September 21, 1966, 66 intrepid children from a range of backgrounds, races, ethnicities and socioeconomic circumstances walked through the doors of Manhattan Country School to get an education that combined academic excellence with the idealism of social justice and equality; an education based on the philosophy that children learn best by doing, not sitting and listening; an education that sought to instill activist values in its children.

At the time, MCS was a radical experiment. Private, but not elite, the school asked each member of the community to pay fees commensurate with their income and expected all members of the community to appreciate each other for their differences as well as their similarities.

Today, under the leadership of Director Michèle Solá and in a new facility at 150 West 85th Street, Manhattan Country School is neither an experiment nor a utopian vision. It is a reality—a school that has true socioeconomic, racial and ethnic diversity, thus providing its graduates with an academic education complemented by a deep understanding of the multicultural richness of the world. Today, we celebrate our journey and look forward to another 50 years. 



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