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A Message from the Director

In 1966, a daring group of families, activists, and educators joined together around a revolutionary dream to build a school where kids of every background belong. 

For over 50 years, Manhattan Country School has been committed to eradicating privilege and racial inequity in our society and schools. These principles are as vital to our community today as they were when MCS was founded. That is why MCS proudly has the most racially and socio-economically diverse student body in New York City and the country.

As a Black male who attended private schools my entire life and went on to work as an NYC independent school teacher and administrator, I understand the challenges students of color face every day. I am constantly inspired by the sense of belonging, care, and love that MCS bestows to every student who walks through doors at 85th Street or visits the Farm in the Catskills. 

At MCS, every member of our diverse community is seen and valued for who they are. If you take a tour through our school, you will be amazed by the joy on our students’ faces, the connection they feel with our educators, and the responsibility they feel towards one another as members of a shared community. 

MCS students understand their obligation to make a difference in people’s lives, because we are unafraid to teach and speak unapologetically about the world outside our windows. At MCS, we do not turn a blind eye to historical injustices or present-day suffering. Our students are exposed to the world as it currently is and challenged to raise their voices and build a better, more just world for all. MCS’s longstanding commitment to social justice instills the skills and values our graduates need to become lifelong learners and courageous leaders no matter where their lives take them.

I was drawn to MCS because of its proud legacy as an inclusive, forward-thinking leader in progressive education. I imagine you may be interested in MCS for similar reasons. I invite you to learn more about our community and see if MCS is a good fit for your child and family. The best way to understand our unique community is to experience it firsthand, so we invite you to visit us or connect with a member of our community. 

Hope to see you soon!

In Community,
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