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A Commitment to a Diverse Community

A Commitment to a Diverse Community

Diversity“Integration is beneficial to all children,” wrote Manhattan Country School Founder Gus Trowbridge in his 1965 drafting of the school’s First Principles. “Differences must be immediately experienced to be treasured and understood, and a school which avoids differences, directly and obliquely, places education outside the context of living.”

It is with that belief that Manhattan Country School opened its doors in 1966 as a school committed to educating students from a range of backgrounds. Today, Manhattan Country School has a student body with broad socioeconomic diversity and no racial majority.

Diversity Fostered by an Innovative Sliding-Scale Tuition Program

The rich mosaic of our student body is fostered by a sliding-scale tuition policy that makes it possible for families to pay tuition based on their means. Seventy-five percent of families pay tuition on a sliding scale while 100 percent benefit from an economically and culturally diverse learning community. (Nationally, approximately 22 percent of independent school families receive financial aid.)

The makeup of our staff is more diverse than the average independent school. People of color represent 41 percent of faculty and 56 percent of administrative staff, compared to the national average of 13.2 percent and 11.7 percent, respectively.

Not only is diversity reflected among our students and staff, it is integrated into our curriculum. From the 4-5s’ home visit program in which children visit the dwellings of classmates of different racial, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds to the Upper School’s Social Justice Data Fair, MCS students are learning about the differences reflected in our multicultural world.