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2019-2020 Board of Trustees and Advisory Council

Board of Trustees

Advisory Council

Officers and Executive Committee

Gisele Shorter ‘91, Chair 
Roxanne Elings, Vice Chair
Alan Altschuler, Treasurer
Erika A. Gibson '86, Secretary
Roxanne Leff, Committee on Trustees Co-Chair
Liam Pleven, Chair, Farm Committee
Sharon Phillips, Committee on Trustees Co-Chair
Leslie Watkins Cain, Advancement Committee Chair
Michèle Solá, Director


Michael Arons
Shani Charles, Faculty Rep
Ricky Castillo ‘92
Caroline Cotter
Harris Friess, '98, Alumni Rep
Ian Johnston
Bator Kovacs ‘73,
Stacy Parker LeMelle, Parent Rep
Nicole Letelier '94, Alumni Rep
Reese Mason, Faculty Rep
Roger Mintz
Ragnar Naess
Alex Papachristou
Michael Patterson
Marcin Sawicki
Gus Trowbridge, Founder, Lifetime Trustee*
Stephen Trowbridge '74
Dena Verhoff, Parent Rep
Andrew Weinstein
Olumide Wilkey

Honorary Board Members

Debo Adegbile ‘80
Aiyoung Choi
Carl Flemister
Frank Roosevelt

Consulting Trustee

Toby Tiktinsky



Winston Fisher, Co-Chair
Roxanne Elings, Co-Chair


Debo Adegbile ’80
Alan Altschuler
Amy Bauman
Sarah Beck 
Mogolodi Bond
Carlos Garcia ’80 
Milla Kalcheva ’00 
Helen Mills
Michael Patterson
Frank Roosevelt
Dan Wechsler