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9-10s Share Their Study of the Brain

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dominic’s mom, Faye, and someone she works with at Mount Sinai named Dr. Fowkes, came to our science class on Monday. They brought in slices of brain for us to see because we’re studying the brain in science. The slices of brain came from a person who died and donated their body so medical students can learn about the human body. The slices of brain are in plastic so they don’t decompose.

Dr. Fowkes explained to us how our brain works, which parts are where, what each part does, and what the whole brain looks like all together. She told us to be careful because brains are very fragile and we should always wear helmets while biking, scooting, skating, etc. We thought it was really cool to see a human brain and it wasn’t even gross like we thought it might be!