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8-9s Leverage Sunlight for Power and Growth at the Farm

8-9s Leverage Sunlight for Power and Growth at the Farm

Friday, May 6, 2016

Last week at the Manhattan Country School Farm, the 8-9s helped change the angle of our solar panels from their winter orientation—set steep to catch the low winter sun—to their summer orientation, laying nearly flat. This activity was accompanied by discussion of the angle of the earth’s axis of rotation, and the nature of seasons.

The students also spent time in the garden transplanting seedlings that had been growing in the greenhouse for the last few months. They planted lettuce, onions and broccoli. In the next few weeks, students will plant broccoli seedlings started by the MCS fifth-graders in early April. Eventually, this broccoli will be eaten fresh by campers at Farm Camp in July, and frozen for use throughout all of next year.

At some point, and not necessarily in chronological order, all MCS students will have experience in starting plants from seed, watering the new growth in the greenhouse, planting out the seedlings and harvesting and eating the produce. (MCS Farm campers will get the bonus experience of weeding the garden!)

Transplanting lettuce seedlings.

 And onions…

The lower garden beds, which soon will be bursting with produce.