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8-9s Get a Taste of Life During Colonial Times

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

On Friday, April 8, the 8-9s took a trip to the Wyckoff House in Brooklyn. The Wyckoff House is the oldest house in New York City. It was built when New York was a Dutch colony. The 8-9s are studying the time when New York City was New Amsterdam so visiting the Wyckoff House gave the 8-9s a great visualization of life during colonial times. The 8-9s were amazed to discover that all 13 members of the Wyckoff family lived in one room that was smaller than most of their rooms at home. The class had the opportunity to examine artifacts from long ago to determine how members of the Wyckoff family might have used them. The 8-9s particularly enjoyed playing games that kids enjoyed during the colonial era and trying on wooden shoes.