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7-8s Family Brunch Celebrates Stories and Traditions

7-8s Family Brunch Celebrates Stories and Traditions

Friday, March 11, 2016

Since September, the 7-8s have embarked on a journey of conducting research to learn more about their own families. On March 1, the 7-8s had the opportunity to share all their findings at the 7-8s Family Brunch, an annual event that comes at the end of the students’ Family Study. 7-8s’ families were invited to see the work that each 7-8s member compiled over time.

The 7-8s brought richness to the Family Study. Culture and traditions abounded through classmate biographies, unique stories behind names, artifacts of passed-down items and parent biographies. They wrote poems about what family means to them. In addition, letters from grandparents were sent from Texas, Mississippi, Columbia and right here in New York City to provide information about what life was like “back then.” The 7-8s Recipe Book, a compilation of family recipes, was shared as well. Nigerian Okra Soup, Haitian Pumpkin Soup and Maman Bozorg’s Lasagna were a few of the yummy dishes talked about during the event.

One of the most rewarding items shared was the 7-8s quilt, in which each 7-8s student contributed a piece of patchwork that told their story of what’s important to them. The 7-8s proudly displayed their beautiful work of art, which was constructed and sewn by each student. A lovely morning was had by all!