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2019 Parent-Led Forums: Request for Proposals

2019 Parent-Led Forums: Request for Proposals

Friday, November 2, 2018

For the past two years the MCS administration has supported parents and the PA by holding space for a series of Parent-Led Forms, or PLFs. We began two years ago with two forums, including a screening and discussion of Thirteenth; last year, we were able to provide three forums: How to Raise Feminist Boys, Supporting Diverse Learners, and Food Justice: It’s Socio-Political, Environmental, and Cultural Impact. These forums were conceived of and developed by parents, and included workshops, panels of experts, and sharing of resources.

We are pleased this year to request proposals for Parent-Led Forums on any topic you think would be of interest to the MCS community. Submissions are simple proposals of a paragraph or more describing your idea and how it would be executed, including speakers/panelists, if any. 

Submissions are due by Monday, November 12th, to Dena (dena.rosenberg@gmail.com) and Stacy (stacyparkerlemelle@gmail.com). They will be circulated to the parent community and voted on; winners will be notified on November 19th. The first date available for a Parent-Led Forum is the PA meeting currently scheduled for December 6th. If that is too early for the winners we will reschedule.

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