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BOT cover letter 10.18.2016


What an amazing Farm Festival! We were graced with a beautiful day.  85th street was jumping with our community. The ribbon cutting ceremony was a wonderful celebration, marking our important milestone with some very poignant words from Helen Rosenthal about the importance of the work we are doing.  Farm Festival seems to have found a vibrant new home on the Upper West Side. 

Our second board meeting of the year will be this Tuesday October 18th at Manhattan Country School
Time: 6:30 p.m. (Dinner and Tour the Building* starting at 6 p.m.)
Location: 150 West 85th Street
Nearby trains: A, B, C, 1

You will be receiving a separate email invitation from Ellen to participate in the meeting by phone or video if you cannot be present.

I look forward to seeing you all at the school on Tuesday evening.  There are three topics that I would like everyone to think about before the board meeting in order to have productive conversations, and they are in the attached Notes from the Chair.



BOT packet 10.18.2016
Annual Appeal Presentation
Admissions Board presentation