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Agenda 10.12.2011

Dear MCS Trustees,

Our next meeting is

Date: Wednesday, 10/12, at 6:30 p.m. (Dinner, as always, will be available starting at 6:00.)
Where: Greenberg Traurig,200 Park Avenue, 15th floor
Reminder: Please bring a photo ID
rsvp: Ellen Porter (

The package contains these documents for review beforehand:

1) The revised letter to the MCS community (which is in the mail)

2) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) - the basis for trustee talking points about the Board’s decision to expand enrollment (which are not being mailed with the letter, but should be useful to us as the letter generates feedback)

3) a trustee pledge form to help the Development Committee

Our discussion will focus on:

* meeting our fundraising goals, and

* design and content of upcoming information sessions, written communications, and task forces.

As you read the FAQs, you might be thinking about how to roll out some of the information we’ve been processing for some time in manageable pieces. The proposed design for an information session consists of stations focusing on a single aspect, such as: Why the Decision to Grow? (also include questions about timing), How will the growth affect the classroom? Where will MCS 2010 be located? What will MCS 2010 — the building — look like? How will growth affect the farm? How will MCS finance the move? Stations can be staffed by trustees and offer opportunities for feedback.

We anticipate a large crowd of present and past MCS families at Farm Festival 2011 next Saturday, judging from the enthusiasm of the 6-7s and 7-8s classes and the chatter on Facebook and other social media among alumni. One concrete thing we can all do to help increase event revenue by 50% is to spread the word about the Farm Festival and on-line auction to potential supporters of the school. I am always on the lookout for the potential new families who take the measure of MCS as a school and a community that day.

Thank you for all the time and effort you are putting into governance and fundraising for MCS.

Roxanne Elings

BOT packet 10.12.2011