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Agenda 04.25.2012

Dear MCS Trustees,

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 4/25 at 6:30 p.m. (dinner at 6:00)

New location:

Davis, Wright, Tremaine, LLC

1633 Broadway (between 50th and 51st Streets)  27th Floor

Nearby trains: N,R, 1, 6

(sign-in required on 1st floor, with names provided ahead of time)

Please rsvp:

Since we were last together, I was named partner at Davis, Wright, Tremaine, LLC. They welcome my role as Board Chair at MCS and have agreed to host our meetings in the 27th floor conference room. Please note, my new contact information is:

Tel: (212) 603-6416 | Fax: (212) 379-5226 | Mobile: (917) 691-1202

Call-in numbers can be available, please rsvp if you need them.


This will be our last Board meeting before Big Night Out! and our next-to-last meeting this school year.

The agenda includes:

* Real Estate Committee: status report on site search and a discussion about some of the issues involved in evaluating sites

* Development Committee: year-to-date dashboard report on fundraising and last things we can do to make the 45th anniversary Big Night Out a successful cultivation and fundraising event. Also an assessment of work that remains to reach our own and the Altman Foundation grant goals.

* Board Capacity-Building: update on the HBSCNY consulting project, in preparation for a full report at our May meeting

The last few months have been busy ones for the Board and for the school. Other 8th grade parents and I are watching in awe as our children satisfy the final requirements for graduation, spend four days in Washington DC learning more about youth immigration and the DREAM Act, teach workshops at the 45th Anniversary Teach-In, take their last farm trip, and practice for their final chorus concert, talent show and 8th grade play. Anticipating their and our transitions to high school only strengthens our investment in a school and a community that have nourished such extraordinary results. Thank you for everything you’ve done to help make them possible.

Looking forward to seeing you at our new location,


BOT packet 04.25.2012