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Agenda 02.15.2012

Dear MCS Trustees,

MCS trustees (including our new advisory board members and honorary trustees) have been busy. Thank you! 

Our next meeting is on Wednesday.

Date:        February 15, 2012
Time:        6:30 p.m. (dinner available at 6:00)
Location:  Greenberg Traurig (200 Park Avenue)

One of our priorities as trustees in the next few weeks has to be fundraising if we are to reach our year-end goals and receive the 2nd half of the Altman Foundation grant. We can do this by leveraging every opportunity presented by Big Night Out, the student activism project on youth immigration, and other things going on at MCS. I understand from Akemi that several trustees are already working on sponsors for Big Night Out! Thank you. I encourage all of us to find ways of helping however we can. Akemi will come at 6:00, please come with ideas and questions about:

honoring Frank Roosevelt upon whom the integrity of our 45-year commitment to equity and education rests

cultivating partners, supporters, donors & potential families, by introducing them to the honorees (Frank Roosevelt and Michele Hatchette ‘01 — already the founder of an organization that is promoting social change (Harlem Seeds)

increasing the pool of bidders on auction (online auction will be available from 2 weeks prior to BNO - easy to use site, maximum bid option allows people not in attendance to remain active bidders)

There are 3 other agenda items for the meeting.

1)    “Future of MCS” Task Forces - Michele, Stephanie, and Elsa are working on this community-wide project to identify the “big-picture” possibilities and challenges of enlarging the school. The discussion at our last meeting led to reducing the number of task forces, a design that involves only two March meetings, and further discussions with the Advisory Board and Harvard Business School Club of NY.  Michele suggested that we read a recent article, “Groupthink:the Brainstorming Myth,” from The New Yorker. (attached)

2)    Re-appointment of the Director - The Executive Committee recommendation to reappoint Michele (made at the last meeting) requires Board approval. My wording of the recommendation did not make the process clear and was potentially misleading. It also points out the importance of our bylaws as a living document, reflecting the recommendations of all our committees and the good governance practices recommended by NYSAIS and NAIS. We will vote on the recommendation and also take a look at some of the issues raised by our bylaws and history of evaluation and reappointment.

3)    Farm Memo - Herman’s initiative to engage the farm staff is summarized in a memo distributed for the the last meeting. Herman and Ginny will lead a discussion about the issues that emerged, the opportunities and challenges that impact the Board’s fiduciary, strategic, and generative planning.

I look forward to seeing you for another rich discussion.


BOT packet 02.15.2012