About Us

In 1966, founders Gus and Marty Trowbridge set out to create an independent school where equality, social justice, a diverse community and the inspiration of Martin Luther King, Jr. would form the basis for children’s education. For nearly five decades, at a school with no racial majority, that dream has been a vibrant reality for 200 students every year.

Manhattan Country School is recognized as a model of both progressive education and socioeconomic, racial and ethnic diversity. Our graduates receive a first-class education that provides a deep understanding of our multicultural world and preparation for some of the nation’s top high schools and colleges. Our Farm program engages students with the natural processes that support life and provides an unparalleled experience of community.

Manhattan Country School at a Glance 

  • A co-educational day school founded in 1966
  • 200 students in the Lower School (pre-K through fourth grade) and Upper School (fifth grade through eighth grade)
  • A vibrant and cohesive community
  • A leader of racial and cultural diversity since inception
  • A unique sliding-scale tuition system that ensures an economically diverse community
  • A vigorous academic program with hands-on, student-centered collaborative learning derived from traditional progressive education
  • A social studies-based curriculum that informs our commitment to activism and social justice
  • Environmental literacy for all students
  • A 180-acre working farm in the Catskill Mountains 
  • Spanish as an integral part of classroom learning beginning in pre-K
  • Computer classes beginning in the third grade and computers in the library, computer lab, wood shop and science lab 
  • Experienced math and reading specialists who support all classroom teachers
  • Class jobs that teach community responsibility and interdependence
  • Teacher training partnerships with Bank Street, Sarah Lawrence, Teachers College, City College and Antioch-New England providing additional individualized attention to students
  • Team sports for Upper School students through the American International Private School League
  • A comprehensive high school placement program beginning in seventh grade
  • A healthy lunch, including vegetarian options, provided Monday through Thursdays
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