About Us

In 1966, founders Gus and Marty Trowbridge set out to create an independent school where equality, social justice, a diverse community and the inspiration of Martin Luther King, Jr. would form the basis for children’s education. Almost five decades later, at a school with no racial majority, that dream has become a vibrant reality for 200 students every year.

Today, Manhattan Country School is recognized as a model of both progressive education and socioeconomic, racial and ethnic diversity. Our graduates leave with a first class academic education and preparation for some of the nation’s top high schools and colleges and with a deep understanding of our multicultural world. The Farm program engages students with the natural processes that support life and provides an unparalleled experience of community.

Manhattan Country School At A Glance 

  • A co-educational day school founded in 1966
  • 200 students pre-kindergarten through 8th grade
  • A vibrant and cohesive community
  • A leader of racial and cultural diversity since inception
  • A unique sliding-scale tuition system that ensures an economically diverse community
  • A vigorous academic program with hands-on, student-centered collaborative learning derived from traditional progressive education
  • A social studies-based curriculum that informs our commitment to activism and social justice
  • Environmental literacy for all students
  • A 180-acre working farm campus in the Catskill Mountains 
  • Spanish as an integral part of classroom learning beginning in pre-K
  • Computer classes beginning in the 3rd grade and computers in the library, computer, woodworking, and science labs 
  • Experienced math and reading specialists who support all classroom teachers
  • Class jobs that teach community responsibility and interdependence
  • Teacher training partnerships with Bank Street, Sarah Lawrence, Teachers College, City College, and Antioch-New England providing additional individualized attention to students
  • Team sports through the American International Private School League
  • A comprehensive high school placement program beginning in 7th grade
  • A healthy lunch including vegetarian options provided Monday-Thursdays
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