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9-10s Raise Funds For Neighbors Displaced By Fire

Thursday, March 30, 2017

9-10s Bake SaleOn a walk down Amsterdam Avenue a few weeks ago, 9-10s students Gabrielle and Anna noticed that a popular eatery, Jacob’s Pickles, was closed. Curious as to why, the girls read a sign on the building and discovered a fire had damaged the restaurant, neighboring e’s Bar and the apartments above both establishments. The two immediately felt compelled to help. Soon the idea of their class holding a bake sale fundraiser was born.

With the help of School Nurse Katie, 9-10s teacher Julianna and others in the school community, the 9-10s class planned and held a bake sale on Thursday, March 23. The students took turns running a table in front of the school stocked with cookies, cupcakes, breads and other baked goods while classmates dispersed to the corners of the block to drive traffic to the sale.

In addition to attracting pastry patrons, the 9-10s’ efforts brought in donations from passersby impressed by the students’ compassion and desire to make a difference. The 9-10s raised $650, which they donated to a GoFundMe campaign created to aid those impacted by the fire.

The 9-10s’ generosity garnered some attention on social media when e’s Bar shared news of the students’ contribution on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“Thank you Manhattan Country School Fourth Graders! We are lucky to have you as leaders in our community. @MCS96 #uws #upperbestside #thankful” –e’s Bar Twitter post

E's Bar Tweet About 9-10s

A reporter from the West Side Rag saw the social media posts and decided to write a story about the students' sale. While interviewing the five students who lead the effort, the reporter described them as “heros.”